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How Amity’s Customer Support Lead uses Eko

Amity's customer support lead Jayden Lim shares how he and his team use Eko to keep up to speed with client requirements and ensure they stay on top of their tasks even when working remotely.

April 10, 2020
Angelique Parungao

Customer support teams play a crucial role in many organizations by providing that personal connection between the client and the business and providing valuable assistance. Ultimately, they ensure that customers are happy, engaged, and loyal to your business. 

Amity's Customer Support Lead Jayden Lim understands the importance of always being there for the company's clientele. With a four-person team that caters to clients from around the world, he knows that streamlined communications and clear task management are crucial recipes to success.

Here, we interview Jayden about how he uses the Eko platform to remotely lead his team and serve customers. 

As a Customer Support Lead, how do you incorporate Eko in your daily work routine?

I use Eko to not only work seamlessly with my direct team, but also with people across our business’ various departments. I mainly use it for daily communication, assigning tasks, and aligning with people. I use the Chats and Topics functionalities to keep our discussions organized and ensure efficient information flow to everyone, while Video Calls allow me to conduct meetings, catch-up, and stand-ups with my team even when we’re all dispersed. 

Aside from that, I also utilize the Library to keep our customer support manual, processes, SOPs, and other documents related to customer support centralized in one place. By systemizing our files, it ensures that anyone who needs them can easily access and refer to our documentation for assistance. 

As a team, we also use Cards to keep track of our OKRs and performance. We update these pieces of information quarterly, so it's important to us that we can edit the details as we go and keep everyone in the loop of the team's progress.

Workflows and forms are also crucial for us. We use this feature to submit and track bugs and requests from clients, and to see if it already reaches the developers and then the QA team. It helps to see the current status of reported problems, where's the bottleneck, and how long until we can get the fix done. Since Workflows have a comment functionality, I also use it to communicate with the teams involved, so we put all our communication in one place. 

How do you stay on top of your work every day using Eko?

I think there are two crucial things when it comes to staying on top of our work: communication and organization—and Eko's features have helped me a lot with these. 

Every day, I make sure I clear my notifications and leave no messages unread. I prioritize checking messages where they mentioned me, as most of them are the more urgent tasks. Then I go through all my Chats to update myself with what's happening and keep me up-to-date on the progress of our projects.

As for organization, Topics are a great way to streamline everything. For example, when we chat with our clients, we create two dedicated Topics—one for bug reporting, another for feedback discussion. With this system, we can keep our conversations with clients in order and not miss any messages. Also, if we need to go back to specific discussions or information, we can easily trace back to everything as the Chat is well structured into these “folders”. 

Customer concerns are time-sensitive. How does Eko help you ensure you respond to their needs on time?

Today, customers want updates in real-time. To make tracking easier for my team, we have standardized our system where we respond to our customers within SLA. Communicating through e-mail can get slow, so even our customers prefer to use Eko’s Chat to connect with us since we can talk to them and respond to their concerns immediately. In addition to that, we have also created a system where if they need a specific team, they can just mention the team name in the chat. For instance, if they need us, they can mention 'Support' in the conversation. Doing so ensures that we escalate the right issues immediately to the right team or person. 

Do you think Eko has been helpful for working in a remote set-up?

Yes, it is very helpful—not just for us employees at Eko, but for our clients’ employees too. Before transitioning to working from home, some of our clients only see 40-50% active users on their Eko platform. But now, they see 100% of their workforce logging in. We've gotten feedback from customers saying that Eko is helping them get work done and communicate during the COVID-19 outbreak, so they want to learn how they can optimize their usage of the platform even more. With more active users, our Customer Support team also receives more feedback on how we can improve Eko to help teams work better together during this time as well. 

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