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Here’s how you can manage projects with your remote team using Eko

Despite having teammates dispersed in various locations, here’s how Eko can help you manage projects just as efficiently and productively.

April 10, 2020
Angelique Parungao

Project management (PM) tools are rapidly becoming a crucial part of running projects and teams today, no matter what sector you’re in. According to PWC, 77% of all high performing projects use some sort of project management software. 

Needless to say, such a tool becomes even more of a necessity when projects or teams are operating remotely — a working style that’s becoming increasingly popular, even before the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Staying on top of all the moving parts of a project, while also trying to streamline collaboration and communication efforts, can be challenging. Here at Eko, we understand that an all-inclusive project management tool can make a massive difference to the outcome of the work, as well as the engagement of the employees. Here’s how our features come into play: 

Use Chats to connect quickly with the team 

Fast communication is always one of the key ingredients to the success of a project. The ability to reach each other instantly and dynamically ensures that your team can coordinate in real time and make quick decisions on project-related action points. Eko also gives you the ability to create specific Topics within your Chats to help keep discussion more organized and boost traceability of information for later reference. 

Utilize Tasks to keep colleagues accountable and track progress

All projects come with a lot of moving parts, each with their individual timelines and action points. Use Eko’s Tasks to help you break this down clearly and better visualize what’s needed. With this feature, you can easily delegate responsibilities to each team member with precise due dates, checklists, and dedicated Chats for each task. By using Tasks, you’ll have a clearer idea of how tasks are being delegated, which areas are falling behind or are on track. In turn, this not only boosts accountability for each team member’s performance, but also gives visibility to workload split to eliminate stress and burnout while working on the project. 

Collaborate in real-time using Cards 

One of the top reasons why teams love using PM tools is the ability to collaborate easily and more effectively. Eko’s Cards feature enables you to create virtual collaboration whiteboards that you can co-edit, add checklists and attachments, loop in relevant team members, set due dates and more. Everyone on the card has access to edit information, add images and files, and stay updated with the deadlines and project priority. To further enhance collaboration, this feature also has its dedicated chat functionality so you and your team can discuss easily. 

Enhance huddles and team meetings with Video Calls 

Most of the time, sending messages is not enough. Virtual meetings are an essential part of remote PM, and using Video Calls can ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your project progress. During your conference calls, you can make use of the show screen functionality to present slides or show reports to your team, making sure that everyone is in sync while remote. At the same time, the human touch of such calls helps to bring your team closer together and boost engagement as each team member works remotely.

Centralize all your documents in the Library  

Another challenge of remote project management is the ability to easily share files. Through Eko’s Library, your team can create a centralized repository for all the relevant documents that are essential to the project’s execution. This digital space ensures you have everything in one place, which also makes it easy for everyone to update them, so your information stays up-to-date as your project progresses.  

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