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Which is which: employee engagement vs. employee experience

While often interchanged, employee engagement and employee experience are different concepts but similarly crucial to your employees. We give you the difference between the two and show you how they can help you impact your organization.

Assemble an A-team for any project with Eko’s Directory, custom Profile, and Thumbs Up features

How can you use Eko to help you create a productive and harmonious team? We show you three ways to do so.

Here’s how you can manage projects with your remote team using Eko

Despite having teammates dispersed in various locations, here’s how Eko can help you manage projects just as efficiently and productively.

How Amity’s Customer Support Lead uses Eko

Amity's customer support lead Jayden Lim shares how he and his team use Eko to keep up to speed with client requirements and ensure they stay on top of their tasks even when working remotely.

How Telekom Malaysia connects its 12,000 employees while working remotely

Maznuddin Zainuddin, Business Analyst Manager at Malaysia’s biggest telecommunication company Telekom Malaysia shares how the company’s various teams stay connected as they work from home using Eko.

How to streamline communications across remote teams using Eko

Eko’s host of communication features are designed to keep you and your teammates connected in real-time even while dispersed. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started.

Training and onboarding virtually—it’s possible with Eko

As we adopt work from home full-time, how can HR teams ensure sufficient training and onboarding for new hires? Here’s how Eko can help.

Using Eko for Remote Work: Advice from Amity's Head of People

Amity's VP Head of People, Katie Wan, shares how you can maximize Eko’s platform to retain a strong sense of value and belonging for employees despite being dispersed.

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