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The Eko Podcast

Business leaders from around the world discuss all things related to the global revolution of remote work, including employee engagement, collaboration, wellbeing, business continuity and more. Brought to you by Eko, your virtual workspace.

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Latest Episodes

With the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak affecting businesses globally, many products are seeing rapid pivots and huge disruptions to their roadmaps. How should product managers respond in such times of crisis, particularly given that everyone is working remotely?

Consumers around the world are feeling the huge effects of the economic impact that has come with the global Covid-19 outbreak. This has led to significant changes in how, and where, they spend their money. What does this mean for businesses trying to market during these uncertain times?

One of the biggest business sectors to be hit by the Covid-19 outbreak is the education sector. With students around the world now moving to e-learning, how much can tech truly replicate the school experience?

We're seeing many conversations asking business leaders on their take of the Covid-19 and work from home situation, but what about the employee's perspective? Employees from Traveloka Thailand and a Singaporean public agency share their first-hand experience.

How are companies shifting their strategies to ensure productivity, accountability and continuous output under the extraordinary circumstances of Covid 19? Business leaders from Pizza Hut, Taboola and Eko share their take.

The second of our two-part discussion with HR experts from 3 different countries, now focusing on the crucial role of internal communication during this time of crisis.

A panel of HR experts from 3 different countries discuss the role of leadership in building authentic trust in a remote workforce, specifically as they navigate through the evolving Covid-19 outbreak and how it has forced a sudden shift to work from home.

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