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Release Notes

Eko 15.6

Bug fixes

  • iOS - Chat: fixed issue when app keep loading when going to 1-1 chat that has no topic
  • Web - PDF: fixed issue when system stuck when open PDF file with password
  • Android - Chat: fixed issue when click 'share' PDF, the share function doesn't show up but it leads to PDF editor page instead.

Eko 15.4

Bug fixes

  • Web - Calendar: fixed issue when user cannot join the video conference link from conference event that was created on mobile
  • Android - Portal: fixed issue when user cannot download file from portal
  • Web - Login: fixed issue when screen freezes on a white page when logging in or switching the network

Eko 15.3

Bug fixes

  • Admin Panel - Report: fixed issue when downloaded file shows the wrong type, all files show 'textedit' type but not type that user selected
  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when message order doesn't show correctly after sent
  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when profile picture is incorrect when starting a conversation with a new user

Eko 15.2

New feature

  • All platforms - e-signature: ability to insert a signature on PDF file and generate a new file. Signature can be pre-stored in User Profile

Bug fixes

  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when copy text in chat box then system behaves wrongly 
  • Admin Panel - Data Export: fixed issue when page show "500 Internal server error" after trying to generate the file
  • Android - Chat: fixed issue when detail ack screen disappears after scrolling down through the list

Eko 15.1


  • Admin panel - Workflow: support parallel flows in particular stages and the ability to set the threshold for expected responses in each flow
  • Admin panel - Client Menu : URL’s iframe protection check
  • Admin panel - Client Menu : able to display client ID / client secret (same as Portal feature)
  • All platforms - Chat: show blue indicator to notify user when @all is mentioned.
  • Mention limits
  • Mention All can be done in a group chat with the members up to 50
  • Maximum number of distinct mentions in one message is 20
  • All platforms - Form : new form listing display by adding sent date
  • All platforms - Workflow : new workflow listing display by adding sent date

Bug fixes

  • Admin panel - Export: fixed issue when user cannot download export sharing log from email
  • Android - Chat: fixed issue when user cannot swipe left to go back to chat details page from full screen of profile photo in 1-1 chat
  • Web - VoIP: fixed issue when user receive a call but cannot hear each other

Eko 15.0


  • Admin panel - Workflow: add bulk export functionality
  • All platforms - Multi-network: red dot notification to notify when there is new incoming message from non-active network

Bug fixes

  • All platforms - Notification: fixed red dot notification to display for new message only
  • Android & Web - Chat: fixed issue when @all does not disappear when typing to search for a particular user
  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when sending an image and writing a caption while someone else is typing a message, the caption is gone

Eko 14.23


  • Mobile - UI revamp: topic creation, topic search and topic archive
  • Web - UI revamp: navigation bar in black
  • All platforms - mention: pre-defined notification (@all)
  • All platforms - multi network: network switcher/ network selection page redesign

Bug fixes

  • iOS - Chat: chat page wasn’t loading

Eko 14.22


  • iOS - Social: enhancement in Social Livestream
  • Admin panel - Library: add file upload error message to provide error stage visibility

Bug fixes

  • All platforms - Library: fixed issue when users cannot access Library
  • All platforms - Chat: fixed issue when deleted user still showed in chat room
  • Admin panel - Library: fixed issue when video is not appearing after selected the file on Library

Eko 14.21


  • All platforms: UI revamp for mobile and desktop navigation. Icons are now more legible and aligned with the rest of the UI updates.
  • Mobiles: UI revamp for ‘More’ menu. ‘More’ menus now have a look and feel updated to be consistent with our homepage redesign.
  • Admin panel - Menus: admin can now add links or new menus to our navigation bar via the admin panel.
  • Admin panel - Menus: these menu icons can also be customized from our template to suit each need.
  • Admin panel - Menus: admin can now sort menu items in the navigation bar freely from the admin panel to align with each company’s use cases and preferences.
  • Admin gets email notification before and after a network is suspended.
  • Mobile - Multi-Network Notification: users can now receive push notification from other networks they signed in to.

Bug fixes

  • Admin panel - Library: fixed issue when the screen flashes when create new folder
  • Admin panel - Navigation bar: fixed the issue when the navigation bar disappeared when minimized the window
  • Backend - Discover: fixed issue when user can vote many times in the same poll

Eko 14.20


  • All platforms - Workflow : set information of the input fields as “viewable” in each stage
  • All platforms - Multi-network: resolve mixed chat and missing switch network icon (from token expires)

Bug fixes

  • Admin panel - User: fixed issue when cannot mass upload users
  • iOS - Forms: fixed when app crashes when internet is slow and open Form comment while comment is not ready
  • iOS - Discover: fixed when app crashes when open push to Discover question

Eko 14.19

New feature

Mobile - Push Notification for Social feature: Support 4 types of Social community push notification

  • New post
  • React
  • Comment
  • Reply


  • No badge count for Social (badge count does not include Social push notification)
  • Snooze and Work Hour function will not apply to Social push notification

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here


  • [Multi-network] Admin Panel : CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)operations for user creation in many networks
  • [Multi-network] Admin Panel : Mass Upload of users in many networks
  • VoIP: Ringtone : All platform: Louder ringtone (for requested client)

Bug fixes

Android - Commendation: fixed the showing error page after clicking redeem button
Web Apps - Chat: fixed the issue when user is facing slowness on recent page

Eko 14.18


  • Search redesign on Recent page

Bug fixes

Web app - Chat: fixed slowness issue on Recent page

Eko 14.17


Chat UI redesign: Revamping design system

  • New edit function
  • Notification status change

All platforms: Insight

  • Users can filter goals by time range on the goal’s home page
  • Configuration to toggle while creating a cycle to show/hide goals that are created by employees to managers while doing a performance review
  • Manager can view pre-populated goals of the Reviewee (Employee) for whom they are providing feedback
  • The Manager can filter goals by time range on the performance input page
  • HR Admin and Manager can assign weights to each milestone
  • Employees can view the goals selected by the Manager for a particular cycle on the dashboard
  • Users can view calculated scores on the dashboard of performance review
  • In case of performance review, show goal score and scaled question score separately

Note: some features are available on white label applications for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

Web app - Forms: fixed issue for filtering "Awaiting your action" that doesn’t show result on web app

Eko 14.16


Chat redesign

  • Sticker: new scroll behavior with a long press to preview
  • Mention: new layout

Bug fixes

Web - Search: fixed issue when user cannot search for new group chats

All platforms - Broadcast: fixed preview message for broadcast shows older message in recent page

All platforms - Broadcast: fixed preview message for broadcast shows 'No new message' when new one already sent out

Eko 14.15


  • Chat redesign: enhance compose bar and chat header

Bug fixes

Android - Chat: fixed issue when user cannot select the photos from other albums to send in chat

Admin panel - Portal: fixed issue when admin cannot remove some portals from the Admin panel

All platforms - Chat: enhance the slowness issue when viewing the received picture from group chat

Eko 14.14

Bug fixes

  • Web - Workflow: Fixed a bug that caused scheduled workflows to start right away despite being scheduled for a later date, also fixed a bug with the inability to see scheduled workflows in the schedule tab.

Eko 14.13


All platforms: Profile - Date/Birth Date custom profile field

  • New custom profile field type
  • Date (Non-GDPR field)
  • Birth Date (GDPR field) (Hidden detail on other users)
  • Static date format (DD/MM/YYYY)

Limitation: Static date does not apply to the timezone

All platforms: Insights

  • Users can view the date and time stamp of when the creator set up a goal
  • Added the ability to edit and delete milestones in a goal based on the permissions granted to the user
  • The employee will not be able to edit goals unless they are a creator
  • The manager will receive a notification whenever a goal is assigned to a Direct Report by an HR Admin/Other Reporting Manager/Created by Direct Report

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

Admin - Directory group: fixed Directory group name when it became 'Unknown' and users are unable to check the information

Eko 14.12


All platforms - Broadcast: Delay broadcast 

  • Broadcast optimization: The messages now synchronized between Backend and Infrastructure to pre-scale the environment and support incoming users.
  • Broadcast messages can be delayed by up to 5 minutes (less than 1 minute in general).

All platforms - Calendar: Calendar Sync to Google Calendar

  • One directional sync from Eko/True Vworld app to Google Calendar.
  • After connecting to a specific Google account, the Calendar module will automatically sync events created/updated/deleted to the Google Calendar.

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

  • iOS - SSO: fixed Authorization Error prompt, which shows up when users log in using an email that does not match the Eko domain. 
  • Android - Form: Users can now export a form in PDF format
  • Android - Chat: Fixed app crashing issue on Android 6

Eko 14.11


All platforms: Chat: Pinned chat

  • User can now pin up to 3 chat rooms
  • Pinned chats are sorted by last activity 
  • Users can pin: 1-1 chat and Group chat

All platforms: Insight: Review and surveys enhancements

  • Manager field upload in mass upload of users
  • Differentiate Self, Manager, and Peers feedback on Dashboard
  • Show Manager and Self-feedback to employees. No peer feedback is shown in the case of 360 reviews. 
  • HR admin can now view the number of pending and completed evaluators on the cycle details page
  • Consistent date format throughout Insights

All platforms: Calendar: Calendar Sync to Google Calendar

  • One directional sync from Eko/True Vworld app to Google Calendar.
  • After connecting to a specific Google account, the Calendar module will automatically sync events created/updated/deleted to the Google Calendar.

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

  • iOS - Check-in: fixed the issue where users cannot check out and get a validation error message instead. 
  • All platform - Form: fixed forms list showing inaccurate status information (e.g., when the form list shows a form still processing, when already completed)
  • Web - Performance: fixed Memory spikes when heavy consumption of memory brings the application down.

Eko 14.10


Workflow - All platform: Workflow access permission

  • Each workflow template is now available only to the group of users who have access or initiated it. 
  • Restrict function supports only to the Directory group assigned, not to a single user.

Bug fixes

  • iOS - Calendar: The Event list now shows the last date of the month 
  • Admin Panel - Directory: fixed an issue where if the Directory group’s name is long, it extends beyond the text box
  • Android - Check-in: Fixed an issue where managers cannot select users in the Export log screen

Eko 14.9


Admin Panel: Dashboard

Overall tab: includes the general information on licenses, registered users, and users already logged-in

  • Line Chart: Daily/Monthly data points of Active Users (DAU, MAU) compared with the number of licenses and registered users
  • Bar Chart: monthly bar displaying the number of messages, broadcasts, banners, commendations, and group chats.

Storage tab

  • Moved previous “Storage Visualization” feature inside the Reporting > Dashboard section

Advanced tab

  • Real-time metrics about the top five latest users, latest chats, and latest interactive group chats
  • Four widgets: Workflow, Form, Task, Card

All platforms: Portal: Enable camera and location service

  • Adding the ability to enable the camera in the Portal web view
  • Adding the ability to enable the Location Services in the Portal web view
  • Limitation: iOS support only version 14.3+

Mobile: Check-in: My sharing

  • Check-in sharing increased from 40 to 100 users
  • Limit number of users shown per page to 20 
  • Two ways of sharing: The user can share the check-in log with the user who already shared their log.

Bug fixes

Mobile: Library: fixed bug where users access a library link in the library documents leads to a library page on the web instead of a library page on the app itself.

Eko 14.8

New feature

Admin panel: Storage visualization

  • To track the storage usage of each network from particular modules: Task, Card, and Library.


All platforms: Insights - 9 grid matrix (Team performance)

  • Users who can view - HR Admin and Manager roles
  • Users can compare employee scores in 360 and performance reviews until the due date.
  • Users can view all employee reviews under the nine (9) grid matrixes. Clicking on each quadrant will show the list of employees who sit in that chosen quadrant.
  • Users with HR Admin roles can filter employees either by teams (directory groups) or individual employees; those with Managers roles are only allowed to filter by individual employees.
  • Show repeat and reminder details in the cycle details page in case of 360 reviews and performance reviews

All platforms: Calendar

  • Localization available: Thai and English
  • Change the logic of default start date/time and default end date/time of each mode (day/week/month/agenda) 
  • Change the logic of the Today icon’s (calendar icon on the top right corner) behavior to reflect each mode (day/week/month/agenda) 
  • To make the response selection (accept/maybe/decline) clearer (e.g., added border)

Mobile: Check-in

  • Check-out from the previous location - Change the check-out logic from the current location to the last selected location.

Admin panel: Check-in

  • Google maps Location Library

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

Android: Community: fixed app crash when fresh login user go to a specific community topic

All platforms: Form: fixed bug where results do not show the approver’s name in the form selection

All platforms: Form: fixed lagging or crashes when filling out a form

Eko 14.7


Predefined location check-in: Admin & Mobile

  • Create and tag a predefined office location in the Admin Panel by searching a location from the map (tagged office location within the 20-500 meter radius)
  • New Check-in main page
  • Check-in/Update location function by selecting a predefined location (Office) or a location from the map (Offsite)
  • Flag on Check-in/ Update location that actual location far from the selected location
  • Change Manager/Direct report concept to Sharing concept
  • Session-based Log: group Check-in → Update → Check out into the session with session-id for reference.


  • Only Baidu maps in the Admin panel and Android
  • Check-out supports the current location only.
  • Export check-in logs for up to 20 users.
  • My sharing supports one side sharing only
  • My sharing supports 40 shared to users only

Calendar: Web

  • Click event notification, and the system brings the Calendar details pop up dialogue
  • Able to add an external user by email and embed conference URL

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

iOS : Calendar : fixed the event start time on the timeline section

Android: Admin panel : fixed the issue when nothing appears (images, video, files) when users click the upload button

Android: VoIP :fixed issue where users cannot hear the voice from the other line when making or receiving a call

Eko 14.6

New feature

Administrative Functions for 360 and Performance reviews: All platforms

  • HR Admin can set a repeat cycle and end date of the review.
  • HR Admin can set a reminder for 'X' number of days to send bot notification to pending evaluators for the whole cycle.
  • For managers and employees: the user can view goals on the performance review input page.
  • For managers and reviewees: the user can view performance review dashboards, including performance reviews done over time and also comments for specific due dates in any cycle.
  • Removed the active button from the cycle details page
  • Pending evaluators and the manager of the reviewee of the cycle will receive a notification regarding the due date.

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here


Banner: All plaforms

  • Changed the behavior of banner scheduling to display the scheduled immediately.
  • On the client side: the user no longer needs to reconnect the socket to get a new banner.

Bug fixes

  • Web: Calendar: fixed the bug where the app does not automatically set the end time to be 1 hour after the user’s current time when creating a new event.
  • Web: Banner: fixed issue where the app crashes when the user edits color or uploads an image on an existing banner via Admin Panel
  • iOS: Profile: fixed issue where the client cannot press the "Show All" button on the user's profile

Eko 14.5


Calendar : All platforms

Send push notification to inform the invitee(s) when one of the following scenarios happen: 

  • A calendar event was created
  • A calendar event was updated: changed date or time
  • A calendar event was updated: new invitee(s) added — this notification will only be sent to the relevant user(s)
  • A calendar event is updated: removed invitee(s) —  this notification will only be sent to the relevant user(s)
  • A calendar event was removed

Ability to add a note when responding to the calendar event invitation

Different look and feel of various stages of the response to the event (No reply, Accept, Maybe, and Decline)

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

  • iOS : Workflows: fixed bug where some users cannot add a recipient in the workflow on iOS which can only do this action on the web app.

Eko 14.4

New Feature

Calendar: All platform

  • Users can add events and/or notes to the in-app calendar.
  • It has four different view modes: Month, Weeks, Day, and Agenda.
  • Users can send the event invitation to other invitees in the same network with VRoom's URL embedded.
  • Invitee(s) will receive push notifications when someone creates an event, changes the date and time, cancels an event, and withdraws invitee(s) from an event.
  • Invitee(s) can respond to the invitation by selecting: Accept, Maybe, and Reject. 

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

  • Calendar : iOS : Fixed a bug where users do not receive push notification sound when they get a calendar conference invite or if the creator edits the event’s date or time.
  • Notification : Android: Fixed issue where users were not directed to the correct landing page when they tapped a push notification.
  • Form : Web : Fixed bug where it displays a blank page when the search form template contains a special character

Eko 14.3


Insight: All Platforms: 360 Review

  • 360 Review Cycles: Admins can create 360 cycles on Insights Tab. Reviewees, Peers, and their Managers can Input review based on the 360 Templates chosen
  • 360 Review Dashboard: Managers and Reviewees can view the result of the reviews based on the input from Managers, Peers, and their own input during Review Cycles

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

  • Discover: Android: fixed bug where topic does not update immediately after edits
  • Discover: Android: fixed bug where hubs deleted by Admin are still displayed
  • Commendations: iOS: fixed Commendation tile bug not loaded

Eko 14.2


VOIP: Web : VoIP camera handling

  • Changed the logic of voice calls on the web application. It now supports camera turn on/off functionality from initial call type selection.
  • Limitation: User will not be able to turn on camera in the voice call

Bug fixes

  • Discover : Android : fixed no selected icon when selecting in the public hub
  • Discover : Android : fixed the hub type icon disappearing when changing from public to private
  • Discover : Android : fixed all topic inside hub going missing

Eko 14.1


VoIP feature - Mobile: VoIP enhancement

  • Bluetooth speaker/headset support
  • Limitations: Android does not support output selection but will automatically select the latest connected source.

Workflow Feature - Admin Panel: Scale Element to Form Design

  • Users can now use the Scale element when creating a workflow! 
  • Limitation - scale can be set by the user, with maximum limit of 100
Admin Panel Scale Element 

Client UI of Scale Element

Daily Log Feature: Notification

  • Users will receive EOD notification if they have not completed their daily log within the day

Others : Mobile: Jailbreak/Root detection

  • Root/Jailbreak detection on Mobile
  • The system will open a block screen to prevent users to use the app if the device is insecure.
  • Limitation: This feature is a build configuration feature and not enabled as default. 

Bug fixes

  • Workflow: Admin: fixed template displayed under Insight folder
  • Scale Element - iOS: fixed maximum limit in text box
  • Scale Element - Android: fixed text box near the scale element

Eko 14.0


VoIP - All platform: VoIP enhancement

  • Reconnection feature - if users drop from a call due to poor internet connection, they will be reconnected and be able to continue the call after the connection back.
  • Remove host concept - if the a user drops from a call, the user on the other line can stay in the call until the the other person reconnects.
  • Lost connection sound on 1-1 call - if anyone from the client-side is trying to reconnect, they will hear a waiting sound to notify the reconnecting stage.
  • Connection management for Video call to reduce video quality in low internet connection
  • Connection quality symbol in the profile box.
  • Call indicator and New join bar in group chat
  • Limitations: Group call changed to maximum of 10 voice calls and 5 video calls

Workflows - All Platform:  Hyperlinks are now clickable when added to Form Design

  • Hyperlinks added to Workflow form design will be clickable on the Web, Android, and iOS when user is triggering workflow and viewing workflow input
  • Limitations: Options for Multiple Select and Single Select element do not show as Hyperlinks

Library - Admin panel: Data Export

  • Overall library report
  • Document activity report
  • Assessment activity report
  • Overall assessment report

Bug fixes

  • Library - Android: fixed home button to direct to library home page
  • Broadcast - Android: fixed keyboard displayed on recent page after sending broadcast
  • Cards - Android: fixed notification badge on card button in recent page

Eko 13.14


Library - All platforms: Support Library universal link - User can click a Library-generated link from any application or in app Chat or Banners and redirect to in-app library destination path.

Library - All platforms: Library copy link - Users can copy the link of any folder or document and share via Chat, Broadcast, and Banners. Clicking the link will redirect users directly to the specific folder or document. If a user doesn't have permission to view any folder or document, they will see a 'Permission Denied' page.

Library - All platforms : Library search suggestions - When users type any keyword in the search box, they will get search suggestions for all the entities in the library (folders, documents, attachments, assessments and tags). System will also store previous searched keywords.

Bug fixes

Workflows - Android: fixed the application showing the name of workflow incompletely

Workflows - Android: fixed the application showing ‘Invalid Inputs’ after user tapped on ‘Next’ button to submit workflow

Profile - iOS: fixed the email button in Profile was was previously not working

Eko 13.13


Library - All platforms: search by assessment title

Bug fixes

Workflows - Web: fixed bug showing loading page when a user clicks on the workflow they don’t have permission to access

Check-in - Android: fixed the white character in field ‘Add a note’ after user checked-in

Workflows - Android: fixed cannot upload picture from local device in the Workflow

Eko 13.12


Library - All platforms: Search by attachments title

Workflows - Mobile: Image field, take new photo only option - Only allow user to take new photo for Workflow image field

Bug fixes

Chat room - Web: fixed bug where after voice and video call finish, web does not display event message until refresh

Online indicator - Android: fixed bug where users cannot see the active tab when they enable online indicator

Cards - Backend: fixed sentence with wrong position after saving and reopening a card to check information

Eko 13.11


Mark as read: All platforms - Clear all unread message per chat room

Workflows - All platforms: Redesign input field

Bot - All platforms: Message type, Postback and Quick Reply

Bug fixes

Chat - Backend: fixed bug where users cannot create direct chat with some users

Eko 13.10

New Feature

Social feature - All platforms: now is available in Eko using integration with Upstra UI KIT

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here


Delete 1-1 chat - All platforms: Ability to delete 1-1 chat

Note: This is configurable. Please contact us here if you want to change the configuration.

Bug Fixes

Forms - Android: fixed blue highlight bug where it does not disappear when opening a form

Workflows: Admin Panel - fixed predefined templates

Chat room: iOS - fixed bug where back button on chatroom is missing

Eko 13.9


Workflow - All Platforms: Dynamic addition fields (Due date/ Priority/ Schedule workflow) config via Workflow template setting

Admin Panel - Form log export: Improve robustness of Form log export

Bug fixes

Workflows - Web: fixed bug where new workflow displays wrong order fields

Chat room - Web: fixed app always displaying loading icon and cannot send the image if user doesn’t input caption

Chat - Web: fixed character limit when uploading a wrong image

Eko 13.8

New Features

Check-in/out - Mobile: New Baidu Map using in China

Online indicator - All platforms: Shows number of active users


Workflows - Mobile: Ability to disable notifications per template

Bug Fixes

SSO - iOS: fixed have so Google SSO button on login page

Library - iOS: fixed app crash when users go to Library page

Discover - iOS: fixed bug where deleted hub still visible in another device

Eko 13.7


Storage - iOS: Keep Local storage cache data for the web-view feature

Bug fixes

Chat - Android: fixed bug not displaying save video button

Unread count - iOS: fixed unread count display on sender side while sending an image or video

Online indicator - iOS  fixed online indicator flashing when users tap on user list (iOS 12 only)

Eko 13.6


Admin Panel - Web: Adding new tab menu for access to Admin Panel

Library - All Platform: Video can now be played up to 2x speed

Bug Fixes

Users - Admin Panel: fixed bug showing deleted user as disabled in admin panel and still searcheable in ‘People’ tab

Tasks - Android: fixed checkbox bug not displaying creating subtask

Tasks - Android: fixed bug not letting user to add a subtask

Eko 13.5


Workflow - All platforms: new input type Phone number with country code and format validation

Bug Fixes

VoIP - Android: fixed bug where device is always vibrating on VoIP

Eko 13.4


Conference Call - Mobile: confirmation popup when the user click a conference call button in chatroom

Bug fixes

Chat - Web: fixed typing indicator

Recent - Android: fixed turn off topic icon in recent page

Contact - Android: fixed bug where colleagues tab not displaying newly-added user user from AP

Eko 13.3


Online status - All Platforms: Apply directory permission on online status. The user will see online users on Active tab & Recent page (Web) based on the directory permission set from Admin Panel

Online status - All Platforms: Remove the number behind “Active” tab

Online status banner - Mobile: Change the sentence on the online banner to “Say Hi 👋 to your online teammates”

Online status - Web: Change the text “+xx” on online status bar to “+More”

Bug Fixes

Recent page - Web: fixed recent page rows blinking on iPad

Eko 13.2


Unread - All Platforms: Unread sync issue and misalignment

VoIP - Android: adding beep sound when make an outgoing call while connecting to the server

VoIP - Android: Close existing call screen while the device is connecting to the server

Technical stuff

iOS: Log on webview when doesn't have cookie on iOS

Bug fixes

Discover - Backend: fixed cannot see other comment

Chat - Web: fixed bug where page freezes after a preview pop up before sending a picture

Chat - Mobile: fixed @mention

Eko 13.1


Discover - Admin Panel: Remove some buttons on Hub

  • Remove edit hub name button
  • Remove upload cover photo button
  • Remove edit topic name button

Video Speed 2x: Enable users to Toggle on/off for video speed 2x

Upload files, PDF, PPT, DOC, ETC, inside Tasks

Bug fixes

Workflow - Backend: fixed bug where workflow is missing when searching

Discover - Android: fixed bug where hub does not disappear when user changes status to public or private

Discover - Web: fixed bug where member page disappears when Hub only has less than 8 users

Eko 13.0


Discover - All platform: Introduce new hub types — Public and Private hubs

  • Public hub: Similar to Existing hubs — everyone can see and follow this hub.
  • Public hub: There is a new setting added — “Auto-follow” when creating a new hub. If this setting is enabled, everyone in the network will follow this hub automatically.
  • Private hub: Only the users who were added to follow will see this hub on the Discover page
  • The Existing hub will turn to Public hub after the version update.
  • Admin-only: The new setting for Public and Private hub. The Admin user can only post a topic in hub; followers can only view/comment on the topic/ vote

Discover - All platform: The Admin users can now create a new hub via mobile and web

Discover - Admin Panel: Ability to remove “Add new Hub” button on Hub menu

Technical stuff

  • Web - Cross tab fix: It’s now enable to all customers
  • Push notification optimize: When the user gets push notification, the message from the push notification will display in the app (Solves the problem “message delay after got push notification”)

Important known issues

Discover: Android - When Android users unfollow a Private hub, it does not disappear immediately, need to switch tabs or reload the page again.