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Assemble an A-team for any project with Eko’s Directory, custom Profile, and Thumbs Up features

How can you use Eko to help you create a productive and harmonious team? We show you three ways to do so.

April 10, 2020
Darpan Keswani

You’ve just been contacted by top management regarding an important campaign that has to be executed urgently. Your first task is to identify and assemble a team that can help you execute said campaign quickly and correctly — without appearing needy and obtrusive.

So how do you go about doing so — all while inspiring your team to do great work?

Fortunately, Eko’s centralised directory and personalised profiles can help you do so in quicktime, here’s how.

Your company’s personal workspace

Teams use Eko’s directory feature to find anyone in the organisation. For companies with thousands of workers, or those with virtual workforces, heading into the directories tab and typing the person’s name in the search bar is swifter than using intranets or trying to locate spreadsheets that list contact info.

This instant access to all of your coworkers helps speed up work the moment your team starts using Eko.

Hiring managers surveyed by Upwork predicted that 38% of their full-time, permanent staff will work mainly remotely within the next 10 years – CIPHR

Eko comes with deeper search capabilities within the directory tab to help you locate an employee within a specific department. Tap on the ‘departments’ filter to get a quick overview of all the teams in your company as well as employees per team.

If you have colleagues you contact frequently you can add them to favorites. Doing so puts these people at the top of the list when you’re assigning new tasks, developing new workflows, or creating a group chat, making communication and collaboration that much faster.

Use an ice-breaker that works

Personalized profiles are one of Eko’s core features. Apart from letting each employee add their name, job title, display picture, email, phone number, and status, they can:

  • Upload and showcase photos reflecting their personality or lifestyle.
  • Add a cover photo.
  • Set a nickname.
  • Write a little about themselves, or add links to their social sites in the ‘about us’ section.
  • Describe their hobbies or favorite things in the ‘interests’ section.

Profiles are especially useful when you’re collaborating with a coworker you haven’t worked with before, helping you skip the small talk, and bond over a subject of mutual interest.

For remote workers in global firms, filling out these fields can help them express their personality better, even if they’re not present at the office.

Find the right person for the job

Each time someone receives a Thumbs Up for any attribute — for example efficiency — they turn into ‘points,’ which are prominently displayed on each employee’s profile, quickly helping you identify team members with the right traits for the project.

As an example, if you’re assembling a team for an advertising campaign that needs to be executed as soon as possible, you need a combination of team members with attributes like creativity, leadership, efficiency, and teamwork.

Thumbs Up’s remove the guesswork when you can quickly spot colleagues with the highest amount of ‘points’ for each of these traits, which you can use to assemble the best team for the campaign.

When you can search for every coworker in a centralized directory, learn more about their interests through custom profiles, and give kudos for a job well done through Thumbs Up, you can vastly improve communication and collaboration. Leading to better organizational culture, and creating a community of people who not only love their work but the people they work with!

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