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Admin Quick Start Guide

Before you start, don’t forget to sign up for a free trial of Eko and download your mobile ( iOS & Android ) and desktop apps. Please be aware that if you are the first in your team to sign up, you will automatically get assigned the ‘administrator’ role.

As an administrator, you have the ability to set up your virtual workspace in a way that best suits how your company works. We know every company is different and want you to be able to truly tailor Eko to meet your company’s needs, which will help drive long-term adoption as users gain real value from the platform. Here is a quick guide to show you how to manage features in the Admin Panel to achieve this. Let’s get started!

Admin Panel ( Admin Console )

The Admin Panel is responsible for managing all your data within the Eko network. This includes your existing users, company profile, Group Chats, and Broadcasts. All communication within Eko is constrained securely within the network.

The admin panel is accessible using the web browser.
US Server :
EU Server :
SEA Server :

*This is the server you selected when you created the workspaces/network, rather than your office location

Upon successfully signing in, the system will redirect to the home dashboard of the Admin Panel where you can configure your virtual workspace’s settings to your preference.

Let’s start with customizing your workspace

Start by clicking Manage Company Profile
*Here, you can customize the workspace name, theme/color, and add a logo. By personalizing Eko to reflect your company, you’ll make the platform feel familiar to users and boost internal branding.

Inviting colleagues to join your network

As a collaboration and communication tool, Eko is best used alongside your colleagues. Now that you have set up your workspace successfully, let’s invite people to start working with you.

Please follow the steps below:

Option 1 : Send invitation emails

Click the ‘Invite Colleagues’ button on the top right corner of your Eko dashboard*
Once clicked, you will see a pop up with 3 options:

  • Invite via email: extremely popular as most companies have corporate emails and the invitation email is customizable.

  • Invite via SMS: your colleague might not have company email addresses, this enables you to invite them via their phone numbers.

  • Print Instruction: include a physical invitation document in training packs or as a poster in the meeting room

Option 2 : Pre-Create Users

You can also create your colleagues as users to get them started.

💡Top tip: You can make a user an admin after adding them

Create Group Chats

Chat Groups helps you move away from the delays and lack of transparency that come with long email threads and allow you to communicate with relevant team members in real-time. This can be based on departments, location, or projects.

  • Click on Create Chat Groups

  • Select the colleagues you want to add to the group

*This feature will help to already put colleagues into groups as soon as they start using Eko

Create Broadcast Groups

Broadcast Groups help you make announcements to the right group of staff, or the entire workforce, in one instantly blast. This helps you move away from word-of-mouth information flow and ensures that no one falls out of the loop on critical updates. You can also check read receipts to see the engagement rate from your team.

  • Click Create Broadcast Groups

  • Add relevant people to the Broadcast Group
    *Some group examples are: News and Events, Announcements, All Company

Create Broadcast Banners

In a similar way to Broadcast announcements, Banners are a great way to communicate to your whole company instantly. You can customize these to share news, send reminders about public holidays or share anything that applies to company culture. Banners are visually engaging and a great way to drive readership from the workforce.

  • Click Create Broadcast Banners

  • Create a new Broadcast Banner for the whole company
    *You can add an article from the internet or your own written content

  • Depending on the reading material, select if the reader can dismiss the banner or not

  • Add the color and background image for fun ways to stand out

💡Tip: You can add up to 10 banners at a time!

Set up the Library

Eko’s Library serves as a central database of knowledge of your company.
It’s a place you can store internal documents such as onboarding documents, process guidelines, HR policies or any other materials needed for your teams to perform well in their roles. Through the Library, you can digitize training and e-learning for staff, and ensure that everyone develops consistently in their role.

  • Click Manage the LIbrary

  • Upload useful documents and materials for your workforce

  • Click Create to add a Folder

  • Add the color and background image for fun ways to stand out

*We recommend using PDF formats so employees can download it easily for later access

💡Tip: Administrators can set up a view permission settings for each folder

Manage the Portal

The Eko Portal is specifically designed to centralize all your currently implemented workplace software in one place. With the one-stop-hub, employees no longer need to juggle between different tools and can access them all through Eko without leaving the platform, making work more efficient and productive.

  • Click Manage the Portal
    *Think of any site that would be useful to addlike corporate website, employee portals, company social networks

  • Add all important portals for employees to access easily in one place.

❗Remarks: Integrated tools need to be a web-based software ONLY
💡Tip : Single sign-on ( SSO ) /oauth solution is available. Click here to view more

Set up Forms

Forms help you digitize the way you work, removing the delays and wastage that come with paper-heavy processes. Forms also help gather information in one place for easy auditing to better understand the efficiencies or engagement levels in your various functions.

  • Get started by clicking on the ‘Forms’ tab in the Admin Panel and customize your Forms easily.

  • Add the various stages you want the Forms to include.
    *Examples of Forms can be PTO forms, inventory checks, leave requests or any other process you want to digitize.

  • Enable approval hierarchies and set deadlines to make things run smoothly.

💡Tip: Start by listing out what process you plan to transform then draw out what’s needed at each stage to complete the overall process. This will make it easier for you to set it up. However, if you have problems setting up the Forms, Eko Customer Success is here to help you! Email us here :

Set up Discover

Working together in a virtual workspace doesn’t mean you can’t retain the social elements that are so crucial to the success of work. Eko’s Discover enables you to create hubs where employees can gather and interact through surveys, pulls and topic-based forums. This helps to keep your teams engaged and strengthen the workplace community.

  • To get started creating the Discover section, you need hubs

  • Create hubs based on the company’s and employee’s interests

  • Add a cover image to make the hub appealing to users

Best Practices: Application Launch Plan

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