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Why the employee software in your manufacturing plant needs to be mobile-first

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone. But it's not the only reason why your employee platform should be on mobile. Here are more.

August 14, 2020
Angelique Parungao

Choosing the right internal employee software for your manufacturing firm can be difficult – there are many aspects to consider, including available features, price point, customizability and more. But regardless of all these aspects, here’s why picking something that’s mobile-first should be the top of your criteria:

1. The non-desk workforce

The majority of workers in your plant are constantly on their feet, moving around the floor and handling tools. The nature of their day differs greatly from that of an office worker, who is constantly tied to a computer. With workers constantly on the go, it only makes sense to use a software that aligns with that working style. Mobile-first employee softwares allow staff to keep their work right in their pocket; receiving updates from management, assigning tasks to colleagues, and communicating with their teams all through their phone whenever and wherever they are.

2. The need for real-time information

Real-time updates are crucial for all manufacturing firms – whether that be a crisis update about an accident onsite or the announcement of new machinery upgrades. With a mobile-first employee software, you can ensure that the entire workforce receives and stays up-to-date with such information at all times without relying on email or bulletin boards that cause delays, inaccuracies and ambiguity.

3. The familiarity

With such a huge and dispersed workforce, your manufacturing firm can’t afford to adopt a complicated tool that requires a long process of onboarding and training. With something mobile-first, workers make use of a device they are already very familiar with: their phones. It’s undeniable that almost everyone has a smartphone these days, so rather than fight these off in the plant, why not integrate them as part of the work itself? You’ll find that employees are much more willing to actively use a system simply because it feels much more familiar to them.

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