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User Quick Start Guide

Before you begin this quick start guide, make sure you have received an invitation email from the network Admin (or the first creator of your network) and download your mobile (iOS & Android)  and desktop apps.

Remarks: If your colleague has already registered, please do not ‘register’ again. Instead, please check your inbox for the invitation email.

Now, let’s get started with Eko in 10 simple steps. Here is a quick guide to help get you familiarized with all of the features and ensure that they help you work more effectively and efficiently in the best way possible. Let's get started!

Start off by editing your profile

To make sure that your colleagues know who you are, let’s start off by personalizing your profile.

  • Under the settings icon, you can edit your profile information and change your password

  • Feel free to add a profile picture or a blurb about yourself to make it more personalized

Find your colleagues

Eko makes reaching out to your teammates instant and convenient, without having to exchange phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Under the People tab you will find all of your coworkers

  • You can also search for them by name or job title

  • Create a Chat with a coworker instantly by clicking their name

💡Tips: You can favorite the colleagues you interact with the most for even easier access

Start a conversation with your colleagues

At its core, Eko serves as a communication tool across your team. Converse with each other instantly, and stay connected no matter where you are.

  • Head over to the the Recents tab

  • Create a Group Chat and select the team members you want to include
    *Within the Group Chat you will find many formatting options, we suggest playing around with them to get comfortable

  • Acknowledge ✔️ a friend’s message to show you have read it

  • Start a Topic to better organize separately discussions

💡Tip: Create Topics inside the chat to keep conversations organized and prevent information getting lost as discussions can overlap each other. This way, you’ll also be able to trace back information easily in the future.

Read and Acknowledge a Broadcast message

Admin Members of your network may send you a Broadcast announcement every now and then. These help ensure that you, along with all your colleagues, receive the same updates in real-time, regardless of job function or location.

Broadcast is a one-way communication channel for admin  to reach out to you. Once you receive the message, feel free to ✔️ it to let your Admin know that you have acknowledged it. Do note that this is the only way you can interact with a Broadcast.

Check out the Banners Broadcast

At the Eko dashboard, you may notice banner updates at the top of the screen. Scroll through and click on each announcement to read further about it. These are important pieces of content that your Admin members think are valuable to help you in your role.

❗Remarks:  If you can not see one in your Recents tab, it’s because your admin hasn’t set one up yet.

Find materials in the Library

The Eko Library is an internal wiki for your company. It’s a place where you can find all helpful materials and documents needed for your role. With everything centralized in one place, you no longer have to rummage through folders or outdated paper files to find the right information you need.

❗Remarks : If the Library appears empty, it’s because your Admin hasn't uploaded anything yet. Please contact your Admin to upload the content.

Access other software via Portal

Juggling multiple tools at work is inefficient and time consuming, not to mention the effort it takes to remember various logins and URLs. Through Portal, you can access all the tools you need in one place without leaving the Eko platform.

❗Remarks : If the Portal appears empty, it’s because your Admin hasn’t integrated any external platforms yet. Please contact your Admin to add them.

Manage your project via Cards

Cards is a versatile digital whiteboard that you can use for project collaboration or your own personal notes.

Click on Cards and ‘Create Card’ Start typing out your project details
Add in any relevant team members to co-edit in real time with youAttach images, create a to-do checklist or set a deadline

Create a Form

Wave goodbye to paper processes thanks to Eko’s digital forms. This feature allows you to fill out forms or submit requests digitally from wherever you are and automatically enable approval hierarchies. Without the delays and wastage of paper processes, work becomes much more efficient.

  • Go to the Forms tab

  • Click the + sign to create a Form
    *You should recognize these processes that are now all in one spot

  • Once you have completed the form, submit it to automatically  send it to the next person in the approval process

❗Remarks: If you don’t see any template you can submit, it’s because your Admin hasn’t created any. Please contact your Admin to create a Workflow template.

Follow and Post in discover

Interacting and engaging with fellow colleagues is much more dynamic in Eko’s Discover feature, where you can join topic-based hubs to discuss or answer polls.

  • Under the Discover tab you will find pre-created hubs

  • Click the Follow button to any hubs that you want to be apart of

  • Post a poll, question, or article relating to the hub to collaborate

💡Fun Fact: The more you participate the more points you will get to be seen on the leaderboard at the top of the screen

Other Resources

We have plenty of other helpful information to guide you through your Eko experience. Check out our further reading materials below.