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Product Overview

Watch this Eko demo video and take a tour of the tool!
Learn about Eko features and find out what feature works best for your company!

All about chat!

Learn all the features that come with Eko’s Chats and how they can help your team together efficiently.

Reply message

Directly reference a previous message in your reply

Voice message

Leave voice notes that can be replayed for better clarity

Voice call

Replace the expense and hassle of traditional phone calls

Video call

Maintain face-to-face conversations with colleagues


Break down language barriers in real-time

Edit message

Fix mistakes in previously sent messages


Confirm you have received the message and see who has acknowledged yours

Group Chat

Keep team members in the loop


Keep conversations organized with subtopics

Delete a message

Completely remove accidental messages after sending


Learn how to create and track workflow statuses so you never lose track of ongoing processes again.

Create Workflow from the Recents tab

Create workflows directly from the home page

Create Workflow from the Workflow tab

View all existing workflows and create a new one easily

Check Workflow status and comment

Track and discuss progress on specific workflows

Advanced Search

Easily find specific workflows using various filters

Knowledge Sharing Hub ( Discover )

Interact and engage in topic-based hubs, helping your team discuss topics dynamically.

Follow hubs

Get notified on the latest actions within your community

Comment in shared article

Follow a hub and comment on a discussion topic

Comment in poll and vote

Follow a hub to share your opinions about a discussion topic

Comment in a Discover question

Follow a hub and answer questions from your community

Ask questions in Discover

Follow a hub and ask a question to your community

Announcement (Banner & Broadcast)

Blast information to your entire team and ensure it reaches everyone at the same time.

Read and Acknowledge Broadcast

View who has read or acknowledged an announcement

Banner Content

Click on banners to view company announcements and news

Other Resources

We have plenty of other helpful information to guide you through your Eko experience. Check out our further reading materials below.