Improving guest happiness with Eko at U Sathorn Hotels

U Sathorn has 140 staff across 8 departments including Front office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage and Engineering.

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The U Sathorn management team oversees many different teams required to operate a successful hotel. With a variety of different teams working together, and different staff coming and going throughout the day, communication and collaboration within the hotel was inconsistent and difficult. This translated into inefficient and slow resolution of customer complaints and requests getting lost as they were not tracked properly. When key customer tasks were completed, they had no way of sharing visual confirmation of the results to ensure the work completed was done so in a satisfactory manner.


U Sathorn approached Eko because they needed a solution that would let their mobile-first workers communicate and collaborate effectively and in real time. With Eko, U Sathorn were able to quickly launch a new internal communication platform designed to address their operating challenges, increase operational efficiency and provide a platform for management to staff communication. The key Eko features that address U Sathorn’s challenges are Workflow, Tasks and Broadcasts.

”With Eko, we are sure that our guests are having a great experience — from the very first moment they check in. Eko guarantees that our staff react fast and professionally to all our guests needs.”

Markus Schneider
General Manager at U Sathorn Hotel

Use Case 1

Keep employees updated

Eko Broadcast is the best option for staff-wide announcements, and U Sathorn uses this feature frequently to notify staff about important news. For example, if a VIP guest is staying in the hotel, staff can be immediately informed with all the necessary information and special requests to ensure proper care of this guest.

Use Case 2

Creating accountability

With Eko Tasks, U Sathorn team can solve daily time-consuming issues faster. By using their smartphone, managers can initiate a housekeeping or maintenance request very quickly, and can be sent to the proper team or worker right away. After launching Eko, U Sathorn can remedy key tasks in under an hour while ensuring all tasks are tracked properly.

Use Case 3

Decreasing organisational barriers

With Eko Workflow, U Sathorn manages all internal forms and key employee requests. For example, U Sathorn’s “Casual Staff Request” is used to request staff to support key U Sathorn events such as parties or weddings. This workflow has to be approved by 4 levels of management from the Event team Lead, Human Resources, Accounts and from the General Manager. Previously this workflow took a day to complete but with Eko, U Sathorn can complete this process in under an hour.


As a result of deploying Eko, a range of processes are now much more efficient for U Sathorn. U Sathorn now sends mobile-first tasks ensuring guest requests are completed properly and in a timely fashion, they send daily broadcasts to teams to ensure all staff are equipped with the same operational knowledge and use Workflow and Forms to collect staff feedback and support a variety of internal processes. Overall, implementing Eko had led to a quicker resolution and more accountability of guest requests resulting in an uptick in guest satisfaction.

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