How Towne Park fosters a collaborative environment, connection, and engagement with their frontline employees using Eko

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With thousands of frontline associates all over the country, employee engagement became a significant opportunity for Towne Park. Communicating between the company and their dispersed employees was challenging, add to the fact that their distributed workforce does not have emails. They wanted to utilize effective communication solutions to bring their people closer to the company and each other, despite being in various locations.


Towne Park sought employee platform Eko to provide solutions to help them stay connected and increase employee engagement. The company wanted to ensure that each employee can communicate with anyone in the company, have access to company tools and resources that help them confidently perform at work, and at the same time, promote a positive workforce environment for their on-ground staff.

Group Chats

With Eko, Towne Park managers can send out instant messages to their chat groups in a more organized manner. Particularly useful during the COVID-19 outbreak, Towne Park provided information quickly to their staff on location and made sure everyone was connected and had the information they needed to respond quickly and support their teams. The Group Chats feature was an excellent solution to ensure that everyone gets the updates they need immediately on their phones.


Towne Park adopted Eko's Library to centralize all the existing operating and safety processes, training documentation, and policy information in one easily accessible location. It's also easy for employees: as Eko is available on mobile devices, anyone on-the-ground can quickly access the updated materials when they need it.


Together with Eko, Towne Park also uses other applications to create a better work experience. With Portal, they can seamlessly access links to other core Towne Park apps and programs, like the HRIS and online training in one convenient place on their mobile device. With all their resources in one place, their employees can quickly and safely access training and other HR-related information using Eko without downloading separate apps and remembering multiple passwords.


Leveraging on Eko’s features, Towne Park improved the way they communicated with their on-the-ground associates. Group Chats helped organize their discussions and created a virtual community for their front liners. Their dispersed staff feels a sense of belongingness with a more inclusive communication that reaches anyone in the company.

Meanwhile, by centralizing their training documents, files on company processes, and additional learning materials in the Library and Portal, Towne Park enabled more effective knowledge access and development. Doing so helps empower their staff to provide better service to their customers, as they are more confident with their knowledge.

By utilizing these features, the head office can now connect and educate anyone in their business quickly — including those assigned in various locations. They saw 81% of daily active users on the app for their frontline associates while they recorded 95% daily active users for their managers.

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