How Marriott County Hall overcame their communication challenges using Eko

A member of the global leading travel company Marriott International, Marriott County Hall is one of their more than 7,300 properties situated across 134 countries and territories.

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Working with more than 200 staff, Marriott County Hall found it challenging to maintain efficient communication with the entire workforce. With a variety of teams working on various shifts, they found it hard to communicate and collaborate efficiently, which resulted in several instances of outdated information, as well as a slow resolution on customer complaints and requests.


Marriott County Hall approached Eko to provide them with a solution that would streamline their internal communication. They wanted to utilize a mobile-first platform to help their staff stay connected and access their managers, even after their shifts. Further, they want to implement real-time communication in the workplace, ensuring that everyone gets the right updates anytime,  regardless of the location.


Marriott County Hall adopted Broadcasts to help them disseminate company updates and policies, and send out announcements to their workforce. To make sure that everyone gets the message, the management team can reference real-time statistics of people who have read the update. They then can reach out immediately to those who have not opened it and follow up with them, so they don’t miss the crucial information.


Another feature that increases communication efficiency and allows County Hall's employees to reach any colleagues instantly is Eko Chats.  Topics — named threads within any chat enabled a more organized way to maintain work discussions. No matter how many conversations may be happening within any chat, any participant can quickly trace information and find vital details based on the topic.


Adopting the new solution enabled Marriott County Hall to increase its communication efficiency. Eko ensures that whether it's a guest request or a new hotel policy, the relevant employees or teams are on top of the tasks that need their immediate attention.

Marriott County Hall management reported consistent active user rates of 80% since the implementation of Eko in November 2019. Such a high user rate indicates that the workforce is more engaged, which ultimately results in providing the best-in-class services to their guests.

"Eko is the tech solution we were looking for, as it has revolutionised and taken our communication to a new level, as well as engaging our associates and improving guest service."

Alex Dimsdale
Multi-Property Director of Human Resources

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