How Air Asia used Eko to streamline internal processes

AirAsia is a leading Asian low-cost airline operating domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries. It has consistently been named the world's best low-cost carrier for 10 years in a row in international travel and airline awards, and is home to more than 17,000 employees.

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Over the past few years, digital transformation has become a huge part of the airline industry. Hundreds of small, agile tech-driven businesses are now targeting airlines with all sorts of products and services. These tools might be useful, but at some point the company was using 200+ different types of software for their daily operations. Switching between them became inefficient and time-consuming. Plus, it was difficult to implement, manage and unify all the data coming in from so many different sources.


Eko – the all-in-one application centralizing all the right tools needed for the 17,000+ employees to communicate, collaborate and delegate tasks for their many projects and processes.

Use Case 1

Centralizing their many internal web apps

Using Eko's Portal, the company gathered all their various information hubs into one centralized modern intranet. Now, employees can use their smartphones to directly access applications ranging from HR functions to operational tools in the press of a button without having to remember the relevant URL or leave the main Eko platform.

Plus, with the Single Sign-On feature, users can simply log in once to be able to access all applications, thereby removing the hassle of multiple logins and remembering various credentials. Over time, relevant applications can be easily added or removed by internal admins to ensure that the portal is constantly up-to-date with all the necessary tools an employee needs to work effectively.

Use Case 2

Creating a culture of rewards and recognition

The company wanted to strengthen their workplace culture to encourage more recognition and rewards for a job well done. With Eko’s Thumbs Up feature, they were able to create customized commendation stickers with encouraging phrases and AirAsia branding. Now, an employee can receive a Thumbs Up from their peers or managers once they achieve something significant in their role, along with a mandatory description explaining why they've received it. An internal rewards system was also built to allow employees to exchange the points from each Thumbs Up they receive into real, tangible rewards.

Use Case 3

Making information accessible anytime, anywhere

With such a large and dispersed workforce, it was difficult to blast announcements to

everyone in a transparent and instantaneous way. With Eko's Discover feature, management can now easily make company-wide announcements in the form of “discussion hubs” to share significant milestones and get clear read receipts from each one. Employees of all levels now receive a push notification anytime such an announcement is made, thereby keeping them in the loop of significant company updates. They also created a hub for Help Desk, where internal support engineers can now help fix bugs or answer questions from any of the employees on how to use the platform.


As a result, AirAsia was able to streamline their processes and communication system in one powerful platform. Eko became their solution to collaborate and communicate with the entire workforce effectively. AirAsia employees also saw a boost in morale as achievements are now easily recognized and rewarded through Eko. Further, with Eko available in various devices, the entire workforce is now able to quickly access information and announcements whenever and wherever they may be.

“The powerful collaboration in the software also exists in Eko’s management culture, which works hand in hand with companies to build the best product for them.”

Tony Fernandes
Group CEO at AirAsia

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