Develop stronger bonds with your team with communication apps

Communication apps are not just a quick way to connect with your team, it also helps you create a better relationship with them. Here are ways on how you can incorporate the right platform to help you achieve that.

August 14, 2020
Darpan Keswani

Staff engagement is vital to a high-performing organization, but shockingly only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Fortunately, communication and collaboration platforms can help you raise that number and create a vibrant organizational culture, all while letting you build stronger bonds with your employees.

Understand your team’s communication style

Whether it is informal or professional, understanding how your team communicates is vital to building better bonds. Studies have shown that managers who understand their employees communication style can engage their staff better, help them be more productive, and reduce employee turnover.

Businesses with effective communication are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover


You can start by asking your team “how do you like to use chat?”, an easy way to do so with Eko is by creating a group chat. Another way to understand chat style is by observing subcultures within your organization, as different departments and teams are bound to have different preferences when it comes to communication.

Decide upon best practices

Once you’ve discussed and identified communication styles, create a ‘policies’ document that the whole team can refer to.

The document could include restrictions on messaging times, such as ‘no messages after 10 pm,’ or you could encourage your team to send consolidated messages instead of
fragmented ones to not only reduce notifications but make for easier reading and comprehension.

The key is talking about it and figuring out what works for your team.

Build a culture through chat

You communications platform is a good place to reiterate and reinforce company values without appearing overbearing.

Create team-specific custom stickers that help you communicate with a personal touch. Using these interactive features is a great way to raise morale as it makes your team chat a fun, lively place where employees can express their personalities and ideas without fear of seeming nonchalant at work.

These small extras go a long way in building a company culture where employees are a collective instead of a group of individuals.

Unlock the true potential of your organization

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