3 reasons why you need to get a project management tool immediately

Do you often find yourself all over the place when doing your tasks? A project management tool can help you organize and bring your projects to success.

April 27, 2020
Angelique Parungao

With the growing number of teams working remotely from a dispersed set up, the need for a structure when doing projects is now more critical than ever. In fact, even when working on your own, project management (PM) tools are necessary to ensure you stay on track with your tasks and deadlines. However, according to a survey conducted by PM training company Wellingtone, only 22% of organizations currently use PM software. Because of that, 50% of the respondents said they spend one or more of their work days just to collate reports manually. That’s a lot of time devoted by employees that could be spent on more important things.

If you or your organization haven't realized the importance of having a PM tool in your life, here are three reasons why you should start reconsidering.

Reason #1: Maintain visibility and accountability

In the fast paced, modern working world, projects are constantly moving and it’s hard to keep track of who’s doing what. Most especially when working with teams, having a PM tool can help ensure that everyone has eyes on the updates and progress of the tasks. It also helps keep every team member accountable with what they need to do since PM tools put all the responsibilities, as well as due dates in one platform. Having a solution that puts together all the things your team needs to do in one place can surely improve your collaboration, making sure everyone looks after each other’s performance and contribution to make your team accomplish the project. PM tools can provide status in real-time, so you’ll know what’s slowing the team down or even speeding things up. 

Reason #2: Make work life less stressful

Having a PM tool also helps streamline tasks and make sure you only focus on what’s important. With tools such as task delegation, it’s easy to see who’s in charge of specific responsibility, avoiding giving more workload, so everyone can devote their time well. Further, PM tools can also automate manual tasks, so you or your colleagues can avoid repetitive and manual work. PM tools can make teams work seamlessly, as everyone’s to-dos are properly delegated based on the team’s capacity, thus optimizing resources if you need to assign more or fewer people on a specific task. Having this solution can help ease stress and burnout on the team, as each person gets an equal amount of load when it comes to their work. 

Reason #3: Manage your time properly

Particularly when working on a tight schedule, PM tools are great solutions to help you properly schedule your tasks so you can allot more time on things you need to focus on. Attaching due dates, with a notification when you’re near your deadline, can help you plan on how you want to tackle your task. It also gives you a glimpse into the feasibility of accomplishing the project versus the timeline you allotted. Further to that, if you’re working with multiple people or teams, having a PM tool that can track their time can help take account of each other’s time, so you don’t overlap schedules when you’re assigning tasks. 

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