Let’s talk about the mental health of your male employees

While they might not say it, your male employees might be experiencing challenges in their work and with their peers. Help them overcome these and create a better working environment for them. Here are some ways to do so.

A 5-step guide to building a healthy company culture

Your company culture reflects your organization and its values. If you want your workforce to thrive and succeed at their task, follow this 5-step guide to provide them with a healthy work environment and culture.

The one secret to retaining millennial employees

If you're looking into retaining your young employees, it's going to be more than just the perks.

How to effectively manage organizational subcultures

These are five ways you can manage your office subcultures to prevent them from turning into the counterculture.

Understanding organizational subcultures and countercultures

If you want to understand your workforce more, it's time to look into your organizational subcultures and countercultures.

The secret to boosting engagement within blue collar workers

Blue-collar workers are the essence of any labor-intensive industry, and without them, many projects wouldn't reach completion. Still, we see a rise in turnovers and skill-gap. Are you willing to change that? Start with employee engagement.

4 ways having an employee tool can help combat loneliness and connect your staff

It's a common belief that technology sets us apart and negatively impacts human connections. What if we told you that you could help combat loneliness and isolation at work with the right digital tool? Let us explain.

Keeping the flame alive: 3 ways technology helps tackle employee burnout

Burnout is a prevalent issue in today's workplaces, but with technology, you can overcome this challenge. We give three ways on how it can help you and your employees tackle this problem.

Looking to attract more millennial employees? Consider boosting your sustainability efforts.

Introducing sustainable solutions in your organization can help attract a more environment-conscious generation: the millennials. Technology can help you create a more eco-friendly workplace; here are three ways to do that.

4 ways technology enables a more inclusive, diverse workforce

Inclusivity and diversity are two of the most critical factors for a successful organization. Here are four ways technology ensures that they happen in today's workplaces.

Let’s talk about the stress gap between your male and female frontline staff

What is stress gap and how can you address this issue to provide a more inclusive workplace for both your male and female frontline workers?

COVID-19 exposed what’s missing in today’s workplaces

What has Covid-19 taught us about how we work? Here are some unexpected lessons and takeaways that have emerged from the global pandemic.

Research shows remote employees want you to check on them regularly

With employees working from home, are managers doing enough to check in on them to see how they’re coping as they work remotely? Our survey reveals an eye-opening truth.

We’re calling it: remote work is the future of your organization

Is permanent remote work here to stay? We give you four reasons why it is.

What defines a superstar remote team?

Working remotely full-time may quickly become the norm for many businesses. With that in mind, how can you ensure your remote team is performing at the best of their abilities?

Let’s debunk these top 3 remote work myths

There are many misconceptions out there about working from home, especially from those who have never experienced it before. Let’s debunk them once and for all.

5 lessons I learned as a first-time remote worker

My company recently transitioned to working remotely full-time in light of Covid-19. Here are five lessons I’ve learned while working from home for the past four weeks.

Implementing a work from home policy: how to get started

In light of Covid-19, many companies have found themselves needing to shift to a remote work set up almost overnight. With such rapid change, what are the best policies to introduce to ensure it’s a smooth transition?

Working remotely benefits both you and your employees. Here’s why.

Considering to make work from home the new normal for your team? Here’s why it’s a win-win for everyone.

Working from home with kids: a survival guide for parents

Find the balance between parenting and working from home with these tried and tested tips.

Manage your mental health while working remotely in 3 ways

Working from home can be mentally challenging, especially when you first start to transition to it. Here are three things to remember to keep your mental health in check while working remotely.

The importance of creating a work/home divide during the lockdown

It’s easy for the lines between work and home to blur into one when you’re working remotely. Follow these top tips to distinguish the two clearly from one another and prevent harming your productivity and mental health.

Socializing with teammates while working from home: yes, it’s possible

Hanging out and connecting with teammates doesn’t have to stop when you're working remotely. Here are four ways to stay social virtually.

4 common mistakes people make while working from home—and how to avoid them

Whether you’re transitioning to working from home or have been doing it for a while, make sure you don't fall into these common working from home mistakes.

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