Interview with Eko’s Product Manager: Why remote product management only works when the right tools are used

What does it take to effectively manage products, liaise with dispersed stakeholders and keep the roadmap on track when everyone is working remotely? Here, Meenakshi Agrawal (Product Manager at Eko) shares her best practices.

Interview with Eko’s Global Talent Acquisition Lead: What recruiting from home really means

Tanya Palitsina, Global Talent Acquisition Lead at Eko, envisions recruitment during and post-pandemic, and shares the positive outcomes companies can gain from this shift.

Interview with Eko’s Head of North America: Why communication is key, now more than ever

With the current COVID-19 situation enforcing organizations around the world to work remotely, how are business leaders navigating the situation to ensure optimum continuity and productivity? Michelle Daigle, Head of North America at Eko, shares her experience of juggling client expectations while maintaining an engaged and productive team.

The future of remote work after COVID-19: 3 common predictions

COVID-19 has forced teams worldwide to work from home — but what lies ahead for how we work once the pandemic ends?

Implementing a work from home policy: how to get started

In light of Covid-19, many companies have found themselves needing to shift to a remote work set up almost overnight. With such rapid change, what are the best policies to introduce to ensure it’s a smooth transition?

Working remotely benefits both you and your employees. Here’s why.

Considering to make work from home the new normal for your team? Here’s why it’s a win-win for everyone.

Working from home with kids: a survival guide for parents

Find the balance between parenting and working from home with these tried and tested tips.

Manage your mental health while working remotely in 3 ways

Working from home can be mentally challenging, especially when you first start to transition to it. Here are three things to remember to keep your mental health in check while working remotely.

Socializing with teammates while working from home: yes, it’s possible

Hanging out and connecting with teammates doesn’t have to stop when you're working remotely. Here are four ways to stay social virtually.

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