Eko 15.6

Bug fixes

  • iOS - Chat: fixed issue when app keep loading when going to 1-1 chat that has no topic
  • Web - PDF: fixed issue when system stuck when open PDF file with password
  • Android - Chat: fixed issue when click 'share' PDF, the share function doesn't show up but it leads to PDF editor page instead.
  • Android - Banner: fixed issue when banner disappears after updating to version 15.4
  • Android - Social: fixed issue when user cannot see content in Social feed
  • All platforms - Workflows: fixed issue when user cannot delete workflow webhook
  • Web - Performance: fixed issue when application shows an error “Something went wrong, try to refresh the application“ when try to refresh the app
  • Web - Workflows: fixed issue when recipient received the duplicate file during the process
  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when chat shows previous messages when already scroll past it
  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when chat shows the wrong information when user scroll back for the previous month