Eko 15.2

New feature

  • All platforms - e-signature: ability to insert a signature on PDF file and generate a new file. Signature can be pre-stored in User Profile

Bug fixes

  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when copy text in chat box then system behaves wrongly 
  • Admin Panel - Data Export: fixed issue when page show "500 Internal server error" after trying to generate the file
  • Android - Chat: fixed issue when detail ack screen disappears after scrolling down through the list
  • Web - Performance: fixed issue when user face error 'Something went wrong' when using web
  • iOS - Check In: fixed issue when user cannot share check-in
  • iOS - VoIP: fixed issue when user is unable to call from mobile. Error 'Call error. Unable to create call'
  • Admin Panel - Directory Group: fixed issue when admin user cannot add user to manage directory group
  • All platforms - Chat: fixed issue when last seen activity is not accurate
  • Admin Panel - Library: fixed issue when admin user try to upload the video/photo in library and it takes long time to upload the file
  • Web - Cards: fixed issue when created a new card and it shows more than one card
  • All platforms - Forms: fixed issue when selecting multiple choices but the data did not show selected choices after submitting the form