Eko 15.0


  • Admin panel - Workflow: add bulk export functionality
  • All platforms - Multi-network: red dot notification to notify when there is new incoming message from non-active network

Bug fixes

  • All platforms - Notification: fixed red dot notification to display for new message only
  • Android & Web - Chat: fixed issue when @all does not disappear when typing to search for a particular user
  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when sending an image and writing a caption while someone else is typing a message, the caption is gone
  • Android - Task: fixed issue when adding picture from gallery after added assignee, the assignee that was added does not display
  • Web - Notification: fixed issue when chat notification not showing real-time
  • Admin Panel - Forms: fixed issue when user cannot open the file report that export from "Form Log" page
  • Mobile - Check-in: fixed issue when user cannot "Share my check-in" with their manager
  • Android & Web - Forms: fixed issue when forms page keeps loading
  • Admin panel - Directory: fixed issue when user does not appear when add member until typing something on the search bar
  • Web - Chat: fixed issue when pinned chat didn't show in the list when user would like to forward message to pinned chat
  • Web - Workflow: fixed issue when required attachment field doesn't pop up the error message when the file is not attached