Eko 14.9


Admin Panel: Dashboard

Overall tab: includes the general information on licenses, registered users, and users already logged-in

  • Line Chart: Daily/Monthly data points of Active Users (DAU, MAU) compared with the number of licenses and registered users
  • Bar Chart: monthly bar displaying the number of messages, broadcasts, banners, commendations, and group chats.

Storage tab

  • Moved previous “Storage Visualization” feature inside the Reporting > Dashboard section

Advanced tab

  • Real-time metrics about the top five latest users, latest chats, and latest interactive group chats
  • Four widgets: Workflow, Form, Task, Card

All platforms: Portal: Enable camera and location service

  • Adding the ability to enable the camera in the Portal web view
  • Adding the ability to enable the Location Services in the Portal web view
  • Limitation: iOS support only version 14.3+

Mobile: Check-in: My sharing

  • Check-in sharing increased from 40 to 100 users
  • Limit number of users shown per page to 20 
  • Two ways of sharing: The user can share the check-in log with the user who already shared their log.

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

Mobile: Library: fixed bug where users access a library link in the library documents leads to a library page on the web instead of a library page on the app itself.