Eko 14.7


Predefined location check-in: Admin & Mobile

  • Create a predefined location in the admin panel by searching location from the map and the Location will be flag as Office location (radius 20-500 meters)
  • New Check-in main page
  • Check-in / Update location function by selecting a predefined location (Office) or a location from Map (Offsite)
  • Flag on Check-in / Update location that actual location far from the selected location
  • Change Manager/Direct report concept to Sharing concept
  • Session-based Log: group Check-in → Update → Check out into the session with session-id for reference.


  • Only Baidu maps in Admin panel and Android
  • Check-out supports only current location.
  • Export check-in log up to 20 users
  • My sharing support only 1 side sharing
  • My sharing support only 40 shared to users

Calendar: Web

  • Click event notification, system brings to Calendar details pop up dialogue
  • Able to add external user by email and embed conference URL

Bug fixes

iOS : Calendar : fixed the event start time on the timeline section

iOS: Calendar : fixed year format for the Buddhist calendar

iOS: Calendar : fixed the display time as it doesn’t match with device when create an event

Android: Calendar :fixed issue when creating an event, and calendar automatically selects past time as the start time from the day mode tab

Mobile: Calendar : fixed note icon type in the title on view mode

Android: Admin panel : fixed the issue when nothing appears (images, video, files) when users click the upload button

Android: VoIP : fixed issue where users cannot hear the voice from the other line when making or receiving a call