Eko 14.6

New feature

Administrative Functions for 360 and Performance reviews: All platforms

  • HR Admin can set a repeat cycle and end date of the review.
  • HR Admin can set a reminder for 'X' number of days to send bot notification to pending evaluators for the whole cycle.
  • For managers and employees: the user can view goals on the performance review input page.
  • For managers and reviewees: the user can view performance review dashboards, including performance reviews done over time and also comments for specific due dates in any cycle.
  • Removed the active button from the cycle details page
  • Pending evaluators and the manager of the reviewee of the cycle will receive a notification regarding the due date.

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here


Banner: All plaforms

  • Changed the behavior of banner scheduling to display the scheduled immediately.
  • On the client side: the user no longer needs to reconnect the socket to get a new banner.

Bug fixes

  • Web: Calendar: fixed the bug where when a user clicks on '+' to create a new event, the app does not automatically select the start time to be XX:30 (if the current time is before XX:30) or XX:00 (if the current time is after XX:30).
  • Web: Calendar: fixed the bug where the app does not automatically set the end time to be 1 hour after the user’s current time when creating a new event.
  • Web: Banner: fixed issue where the app crashes when the user edits color or uploads an image on an existing banner via Admin Panel
  • Web: Banner: fixed issue where web app does not display a new banner
  • iOS: Profile: fixed issue where the client cannot press the "Show All" button on the user's profile
  • iOS: Workflow: fixed issue where the choices Yes/No in the workflow is pre-selected