Eko 14.4

New Feature

Calendar: All platform

  • Users can add events and/or notes to the in-app calendar.
  • It has four different view modes: Month, Weeks, Day, and Agenda.
  • Users can send the event invitation to other invitees in the same network with VRoom's URL embedded.
  • Invitee(s) will receive push notifications when someone creates an event, changes the date and time, cancels an event, and withdraws invitee(s) from an event.
  • Invitee(s) can respond to the invitation by selecting: Accept, Maybe, and Reject. 

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

  • Calendar : iOS : Fixed a bug where users do not receive push notification sound when they get a calendar conference invite or if the creator edits the event’s date or time.
  • Notification : Android: Fixed issue where users were not directed to the correct landing page when they tapped a push notification.
  • Form : Web : Fixed bug where it displays a blank page when the search form template contains a special character
  • Workflow : Web : Fixed a bug where the information appears in one line when the user clicks the ‘Enter’ key to add a new line, then saves the data into the ‘Information’ field in the ‘Form Design' tab.