Eko 14.21


  • All platforms: UI revamp for mobile and desktop navigation. Icons are now more legible and aligned with the rest of the UI updates.
  • Mobiles: UI revamp for ‘More’ menu. ‘More’ menus now have a look and feel updated to be consistent with our homepage redesign.
  • Admin panel - Menus: admin can now add links or new menus to our navigation bar via the admin panel.
  • Admin panel - Menus: these menu icons can also be customized from our template to suit each need.
  • Admin panel - Menus: admin can now sort menu items in the navigation bar freely from the admin panel to align with each company’s use cases and preferences.
  • Admin gets email notification before and after a network is suspended.
  • Mobile - Multi-Network Notification: users can now receive push notification from other networks they signed in to.

Bug fixes

  • Admin panel - Library: fixed issue when the screen flashes when create new folder
  • Admin panel - Navigation bar: fixed the issue when the navigation bar disappeared when minimized the window
  • Backend - Discover: fixed issue when user can vote many times in the same poll
  • Admin panel - Chat groups: fixed issue when selecting the page of the topic for second time, the page bar disappears