Eko 14.11


All platforms: Chat: Pinned chat

  • User can now pin up to 3 chat rooms
  • Pinned chats are sorted by last activity 
  • Users can pin: 1-1 chat and Group chat

All platforms: Insight: Review and surveys enhancements

  • Manager field upload in mass upload of users
  • Differentiate Self, Manager, and Peers feedback on Dashboard
  • Show Manager and Self-feedback to employees. No peer feedback is shown in the case of 360 reviews. 
  • HR admin can now view the number of pending and completed evaluators on the cycle details page
  • Consistent date format throughout Insights

All platforms: Calendar: Calendar Sync to Google Calendar

  • One directional sync from Eko/True Vworld app to Google Calendar.
  • After connecting to a specific Google account, the Calendar module will automatically sync events created/updated/deleted to the Google Calendar.

Note: some features are available on white label application for enterprise clients only. If you wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact us here

Bug fixes

  • iOS - Check-in: fixed the issue where users cannot check out and get a validation error message instead. 
  • All platform - Form: fixed forms list showing inaccurate status information (e.g., when the form list shows a form still processing, when already completed)
  • Web - Performance: fixed Memory spikes when heavy consumption of memory brings the application down.
  • Admin Panel - Broadcast: Admin can now remove/add users in the broadcast group. 
  • Mobile - Commendations: fixed error messages to differentiate Thumbs up stickers on Android and iOS. 
  • All platform - Forms: fixed issue with the form filter not showing forms under “Awaiting your action” properly.  
  • Android - Form: fixed issue where choices in the Form are not showing complete sentence
  • All platform - Form API: fixed when form API has been successfully created, but users did not get form alerts and couldn’t find a form.