Eko 14.10


Workflow - All platform: Workflow access permission

  • Each workflow template is now available only to the group of users who have access or initiated it. 
  • Restrict function supports only to the Directory group assigned, not to a single user.

Bug fixes

  • iOS - Calendar: The Event list now shows the last date of the month 
  • Admin Panel - Directory: fixed an issue where if the Directory group’s name is long, it extends beyond the text box
  • Android - Check-in: Fixed an issue where managers cannot select users in the Export log screen
  • Android - Check-in: Month and year are now available as an option in the Export Report menu
  • Mobile - Check-in: Check-in screen time format now in synch with the device
  • Admin Panel - Directory: Username of new users are now shown once they’re added to the Directory group
  • Admin Panel - Portal: Fixed bug where users cannot add Directory group to the Portal
  • Admin Panel - Admin Log: Fixed issue where users cannot click “Apply” after they filtered dates in the Admin Log
  • Admin Panel - Audit log: Users can now filter the dates in the Audit Log
  • Mobile - Social: Fixed client issue where the theme color of their Social Feature is blue instead of red
  • All platforms - Forms: Submitted forms now show up in the list located on the Forms page
  • All platforms - Forms: The second approver can now see submitted forms