Eko 14.1


VoIP feature - Mobile: VoIP enhancement

  • Bluetooth speaker/headset support
  • Limitations: Android does not support output selection but will automatically select the latest connected source.

Workflow Feature - Admin Panel: Scale Element to Form Design

  • Users can now user the Scale element when creating a workflow! 
  • Limitation - scale can be set by the user, with maximum limit of 100
Admin Panel Scale Element 

Client UI of Scale Element

Daily Log Feature: Notification

  • Users will receive EOD notification if they have not completed their daily log within the day

Others - Mobile: Jailbreak/Root detection

  • Root/Jailbreak detection on Mobile
  • The system will open a block screen to prevent users to use the app if the device is insecure.
  • Limitation: This feature is a build configuration feature and not enabled as default. 

Bug fixes

  • Workflow - Admin: fixed template displayed under Insight folder
  • Scale Element - iOS: fixed maximum limit in text box
  • Scale Element - Android: fixed text box near the scale element