Eko 14.0


VoIP - All platform: VoIP enhancement

  • Reconnection feature - if users drop from a call due to poor internet connection, they will be reconnected and be able to continue the call after the connection back.
  • Remove host concept - if the a user drops from a call, the user on the other line can stay in the call until the the other person reconnects.
  • Lost connection sound on 1-1 call - if anyone from the client-side is trying to reconnect, they will hear a waiting sound to notify the reconnecting stage.
  • Connection management for Video call to reduce video quality in low internet connection
  • Connection quality symbol in the profile box.
  • Call indicator and New join bar in group chat
  • Limitations: Group call changed to maximum of 10 voice calls and 5 video calls

Workflows - All Platform:  Hyperlinks are now clickable when added to Form Design

  • Hyperlinks added to Workflow form design will be clickable on the Web, Android, and iOS when user is triggering workflow and viewing workflow input
  • Limitations: Options for Multiple Select and Single Select element do not show as Hyperlinks

Library - Admin panel: Data Export

  • Overall library report
  • Document activity report
  • Assessment activity report
  • Overall assessment report

Bug fixes

  • Library - Android: fixed home button to direct to library home page
  • Broadcast - Android: fixed keyboard displayed on recent page after sending broadcast
  • Cards - Android: fixed notification badge on card button in recent page
  • Cards - Web: fixed blank page after check the checkbox
  • Internetwork - iOS: fixed loading progress on external user after tab cancel
  • Group Chat : iOS : fixed favorite section on add member page for group chat
  • Chat : iOS : fixed display grey highlight on timestamp with bot
  • Group chat : Android : fixed added members in member list screen
  • Login : Android : fixed Android version 7.0 cannot login
  • Banner : Android : fixed recent page with break design when banner displayed
  • Contact Support : Android : fixed users didn’t redirect to ‘Submit a Request’ page
  • Chat : Android : fixed video trimming error and sending video error
  • Chat : iOS : fixed send button enabled when have only space