Eko 13.14


Library - All platforms: Support Library universal link - User can click a Library-generated link from any application or in app Chat or Banners and redirect to in-app library destination path.

Library - All platforms: Library copy link - Users can copy the link of any folder or document and share via Chat, Broadcast, and Banners. Clicking the link will redirect users directly to the specific folder or document. If a user doesn't have permission to view any folder or document, they will see a 'Permission Denied' page.

Library - All platforms : Library search suggestions - When users type any keyword in the search box, they will get search suggestions for all the entities in the library (folders, documents, attachments, assessments and tags). System will also store previous searched keywords.

Bug fixes

Workflows - Android: fixed the application showing the name of workflow incompletely

Workflows - Android: fixed the application showing ‘Invalid Inputs’ after user tapped on ‘Next’ button to submit workflow

Profile - iOS: fixed the email button in Profile was was previously not working

Internetwork - iOS: fixed the bug where user cannot add external user after group chat was created

Password - Android: fixed app displaying wrong error when user input incorrect password

Discover - Backend: fixed bug when user cannot see other comment