Eko 13.13


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Bug fixes

Workflows - Web: fixed bug showing loading page when a user clicks on the workflow they don’t have permission to access

Check-in - Android: fixed the white character in field ‘Add a note’ after user checked-in

Workflows - Android: fixed cannot upload picture from local device in the Workflow

Chat room - Android: fixed scroll at the bottom which was not working properly when screen is slightly scrolled up

Share out - Android: fixed bug when users cannot share out image or file to 3rd party application

Workflow - Android: fixed bug when users cannot send workflow when user set schedule workflow

Topic - Android: fixed the bug where keyboard remains even after the user returns to topic list page

Profile - Android: fixed the gear button bug appearing in tab 'more'

Share in - Android: fixed bug that asks users to scroll to view the latest file shared and redirected to the middle of chat page

Bot - Web: fixed the quick reply button not displayed on the left side in the chat room

Topic - iOS: fixed difficulty to close topic list tray

Notification - iOS: fixed notification of deleted users not properly removed

Notification - Android: fixed Workflows notification issues

Unread sync - Android: fixed bug when new event does not show unread badge on recent page

Contact - Android: fixed grey contact cells displayed in contact page

Portal - iOS: fixed the application shows ‘Unauthorized’ after the user tapped on the Portal menu

Form - Android: fixed app crash when user clicks on search icon and enter some text

Tasks - Android: fixed bug when user creates a task inside chat, it does not show task message bubble immediately

Internet Connection - Android: fixed app displays ‘group.create’ and ‘commendation.create’ when create chat or sent commendation while internet is not connecting

Workflows - Android: fixed keyboard not popping-up immediately when searching for Workflow template

Chat - Android: fixed default filter not displaying wording ‘All (number of media)’

Chat - Android : fixed pause button display (too big) when playing voice message in chat

Online indicator - Android: fixed numbers of users not showing properly

Group Chat - iOS: fixed inability to modify group image and name by the moderator

Chat - iOS: fixed tapping on a link in a longer message and it directly opens in an external web browser

Notification - Android: fixed the notification icon display (too big) on global setting page

Share in - Android: fixed logout and trying to share, loading gif do not disappear