Eko 13.1


Discover - Admin Panel: Remove some buttons on Hub

  • Remove edit hub name button
  • Remove upload cover photo button
  • Remove edit topic name button

Video Speed 2x: Enable users to Toggle on/off for video speed 2x

Upload files, PDF, PPT, DOC, ETC, inside Tasks

Bug fixes

Workflow - Backend: fixed bug where workflow is missing when searching

Discover - Android: fixed bug where hub does not disappear when user changes status to public or private

Discover - Web: fixed bug where member page disappears when Hub only has less than 8 users

Discover : iOS: fixed bug where avatars do not display for some user

Cards - iOS: fixed bug where users cannot upload more than one file in card

Tasks - Android: fixed bug where user ‘mark all as read,’ unread count on tasks still shows

Login - iOS: fixed bug where users cannot press help center and reset password button on login screen

Invite Colleagues - Android: fixed invite colleagues bug where it directs to a blank page

Profile - Android: fixed bug where the photo not disappears after user removes the last photo in their photo gallery

Notification - Android: fixed the unread notification number after the user has read all messages

Tasks - Android: fixed bug where app doesn’t show removed/added user in Task

Tasks - Android: fixed bug where app doesn’t update edited tag in the task correctly

Chat - Android: fixed name change of .pptx file

Notification - Android: fixed display loading after re-launching the app

Unread count - iOS: fixed unread count still showing when re-installing the app

Unread count - iOS: fixed display of incorrect unread count format on navigation bar in recent page

Chat - iOS: fixed bug where sent messages were unread

Cards - Web: fixed bug where wording is not aligned in card page