Eko 13.0


Discover - All platform: Introduce new hub types — Public and Private hubs

  • Public hub: Similar to Existing hubs — everyone can see and follow this hub.
  • Public hub: There is a new setting added — “Auto-follow” when creating a new hub. If this setting is enabled, everyone in the network will follow this hub automatically.
  • Private hub: Only the users who were added to follow will see this hub on the Discover page
  • The Existing hub will turn to Public hub after the version update.
  • Admin-only: The new setting for Public and Private hub. The Admin user can only post a topic in hub; followers can only view/comment on the topic/ vote

Discover - All platform: The Admin users can now create a new hub via mobile and web

Discover - Admin Panel: Ability to remove “Add new Hub” button on Hub menu

Technical stuff

  • Web - Cross tab fix: It’s now enable to all customers
  • Push notification optimize: When the user gets push notification, the message from the push notification will display in the app (Solves the problem “message delay after got push notification”)

Important known issues

Discover: Android - When Android users unfollow a Private hub, it does not disappear immediately, need to switch tabs or reload the page again.