Send direct or group messages with Eko’s chats.

Didn’t mean to say that? No problem! Our powerful chat system allows you to edit or delete a message not just on your phone, but on everyone else’s phone as well.

Easily send PDF, word, powerpoint, etc. files to any chat so that your coworkers can view and download.


Collaborate on projects with your coworkers using Eko’s Workspace. In Workspace, conversations are organized by topic so that it’s easier to keep track of multiple discussions. Easily share files, keep track of the most active message threads, and view your team’s mobile engagement indicator.


Do away with paper operations & mobilize it ! No more “going back to the office to fill out forms” - send or approve forms from wherever you are.

  • Start right away with our default forms such as Leave Request, Expense Request, Travel Reimbursement
    and more!
  • Create your own customized forms to fit your company’s need with Eko’s Forms Builder
  • Send a form to someone and wait for approval
  • Approve or deny forms sent to you without delay on your mobile phone



All employee information, including positions and department, are uploaded into the app to create an automatic company directory. This way, your coworkers are immediately loaded in your contact directory without having to add them yourself!

Each employee gets to tailor their own profile as it shows up in the company directory. Add pictures, change your status, or write a bit more about yourself.



Send announcements to either all employees’ phones, or to specific departments and teams. Our read receipts allow administrators to see who has read the message and who hasn’t, so that those who have not seen the Broadcast can be contacted separately if needed.


Depending on the package subscribed, you can further enhance the user experience of your company by customizing the name, icon, color and functionality of the app to best serve your company’s needs and make it 100% yours



Easily make voice and video calls directly from our app! Use Eko to start an online conference with your coworkers, no matter where you are.

Admin Panel

With the Admin Panel, you have total control of your company’s data as well as the ability to manage your employees.

— Add, update, or delete users in the app so that if someone leaves the company, they no longer have access to confidential company information and documents
— Download usage reports with engagement statistics and analytics of company activity
— Control the company’s information flow (decide which users can do what and to whom)
— Create and manage all your custom forms