1. What is Eko?

Eko provides mobile-first, secure, messaging & communications platform for major companies with 20,000+ employees. It operates throughout the Asia-Pacific region and is highly flexible in terms of providing global support beyond APAC.

2. Where is Eko?

We recently moved much of our team to Bangkok, from New York, to be closer to a fast growing Asia-Pacific client base.

3. Who are Eko people?

At Eko, we are very proud to have a diverse team from all over the world who had made the decision to join us. Hailing from America, Europe, Russia and Asia, our highly qualified engineers, graphic designers and customer service teams bring their multiple backgrounds, different ideas, diverse cultures and personalities to deliver the most secure, customizable and mobile platform for your company. We believe that this diversity is our core strength.

4. Which industries/sectors does Eko serve?

Telecommunications, Retail, Banking, Agriculture, and Marketing.

5. How is Eko different from Whatsapp, Line, Slack, WeChat…?

Unlike Whatsapp, Line, Slack and other messaging app, Eko adapts its services to every industry and guarantees that only employees with an active corporate email and/or intranet login data may access your Eko app.  Eko provides a seamless medium for sending data, files, messages and even calls surely to any designated recipients toward major companies with 20,000+ employees, bringing upper management closer to their employees.

To make it easy, we are different in 4 words: speed, security, customization and mobility.

6. How does Eko solution provide for use across different countries?

We work with Amazon Web Services, which has one of the world’s most extensive network of datacenters meaning that our system can be deployed with quality and security anywhere in the world.

7. Does Eko support a full translation?

Eko is a multi-language platform and can support any language.

Our platform is already provided in English, Mandarin Chinese as well as Thai.


Security Questions


8. Yes, we are extremely secure!

All messages and files sent via Eko app are encrypted via AES-256, a unique encryption key is generated for each message and file and all encryption keys are managed by a separate, dedicated key management server, so your messages can be read by you!

Your data is hosted on a dedicated private servers on AWS cloud and you have full control and access of all infrastructure components.