Why Eko is right for you

We Face the biggest internal challenges for large companies

Nowadays, communication and employee motivation are the keywords for a successful working culture with highest outputs. At Eko we believe that happy people bring the best results! But let's grab a bit deeper and you may look at your own company: 

Is the communication between management and front-line employees quick and efficient enough? Is your communication totally secure?
Are your employees united and aligned? And are they motivated to go that extra mile?

Eko can help your company to achieve these standards by helping companies to motivate, unite and align employees to do the right things.

WE offer the best communication tools for your needs

With 3 different channels, we offer several levels of mobile communication:

  • Direct Message ( 1 - 1 communication)
  • Group Chat (2 or more collaborators)
  • Workspace (specific themed chats)

Workspace allows you to easily combine effective teamwork with the speed of mobile messaging: simply create a new Workspace, name it, choose your collaborator(s) and you are ready to start working on your project. The best part about it: it is as simple as it sounds.

And we even offer more great features that you have always missed:

  • Powerful search functionality
  • Company directory for each member, so simply look up his/ her profile before chatting
  • Community tabs to improve employee relationships
  • Use your own stickers or chose from our default ones
  • Set rewards and recognition within the Together system
  • No group size limit

PLUS: Our focus are various customization and integration opportunities,
such as app name, icon, logo, colors and more.

Our biggest strength is security!

You wonder why we need mobile security? Especially in professional context, people still use a lot of messaging platforms which were built for social purposes, not business. Let me share some numbers:

  • people use 4.7 billion connected devices by the end of 2015
  • 81% of employees use at least one device for business purposes
  • 45% have had a mobile device containing enterprise data be reported missing
  • mobile security breaches have affected more than 68% of global organizations
  • average data breach costs a company nearly $ 3.8 million


A set of processes, features and architecture components work together to provide military-grade secured service: We offer dedicated private servers hosted on AWS cloud and customers have the full control and access of all infrastructure components. Data is highly secured as all messages and files are encrypted via AES - 256. A unique encryption code is generated for each message and file. All encryption keys are managed by a separate, dedicated key management server.

With One-Time Password (OTP) Access & Identity Management, Eko provides enhanced security that does away with the standard ID / password login mechanism, avoiding the issues related to password management (lost, compromised passwords). All that to provide it with the best executive security.

For further information about Eko and possibilities to collaborate simply drop us a line - we are looking forward to hearing from you!