I can see clearly now the rain is gone…

Office seasons

We are right in the middle of the monsoon season in Bangkok. What that means? Overcrowded BTS trains, thousands of cars stuck on Sukhumvit Road and the regular need of new shoes whenever your old ones can’t take the flooded sidewalks (if existing) anymore – actually, not that different to any other season in the Land of smiles.

We all know that different season also happen in the office. The calm time after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve, when most coworkers are on holidays. The welcoming spring, when we organize BBQs and outdoor teambuilding events. And then there is the stormy season, where it feels like we will never be able to finish work and the list of undone tasks is getting longer and longer.  

Collaboration and Communication

More than ever we need work tools that support efficiency and productivity. We want to share and collaborate with our team, as quick as possible, with the best results as possible. Of course, even with the right tool, people need to learn how to use it. And they need to want use it. The greatest invention is worth nothing if it isn’t used correctly. This goes hand in hand with the fact, that many products haven’t been adopted properly.

An efficient tool will allow you to foster communication and productivity. Eko is the right tool to support and enhance both. Internal chat communication within your company may not seem extra revolutionary, and still most companies slow themselves down by using complex and inefficient email programs. By chatting with each other, you work smarter, quicker and easier.

Team collaboration is a strong keyword, but who actually implements an efficient app to improve their workforce? “Knowledge is power; knowledge sharing is powerful!” With that credo, Eko can help you to achieve all productive benefits, before your competitors do.