3 easy ways to work more efficiently

Better collaboration makes work easy and efficient

If you followed us during the last weeks, you probably know what Eko is all about and why our app can help you to make you work more efficiently and your team to be more productive (in case you missed it, just read this or this). Our strongest features are here for you to collaborate better and to keep all shared information safe – security is our top priority!
Today we want to present you three easy ways to integrate Eko in your work life.

1) Have you met…?

Our broadcast EkoCast gives you the possibility to send urgent messages to some or all employees. This feature allows top management to share important information through the whole company up to the front line. This is employee-friendly and keeps up effective communication within the company.
Btw: Did you ever want to contact anybody that you met during lunch break but don’t remember the exact name (who wasn’t in that situation yet?). With Eko, no more weird asking for phone number as all co-workers are already added to your company’s directory. We want to make it as easy as possible to connect.

2) Don’t rack your brain!

Were you ever in the position thinking about a problem, opting different alternatives, but not being sure whether which decision to take? Don’t keep it to yourself! With Eko you can now easily ask you team, your department or even the whole company with only one click. Everybody can contribute and a mobile approach makes it much more inviting to participate. Collect all ideas from your co-workers and chose the right answer for your needs.

3) Keep calm and game on!

To help you drive productivity benefit from Eko’s Together system. Plus: It is a great tool for employee motivation!
This feature works through three simple steps: First, the company management chooses the qualities or specific goals they wish to reward. They set rewards and promote what kind of recognition employees can expect with the right performance. 
Then, let the games begin!
Imagine the following situation: Your co-worker Sandra worked really hard on a project and had great creative ideas on how to solve a specific problem. Everybody appreciating her engagement can now reward her with points. Once she reaches a specific number of points, she can exchange them for a prize –this can be a voucher of the department store close to your office or an end year bonus or whatever the company sets up as reward. Besides driving productivity, this feature is transparent to all members as all points are displayed on an open leaderboard. This creates a healthy competition and is fun for all participants.