Safe and Sound

Mobile Security - and why we need it

How many of you use a mobile device for work? Do you share company data? Internal documents? Did you ever send a scan of a confident letter to your group of coworkers?

It is hard to imagine our work life without mobile communication. We are not stuck to our desktops anymore, we work in the airplane, our favorite coffee shop and have conference calls after dinner with the other side of the world. And we all appreciate the advantages mobile workflow offers.

Our phone is so much more than it used a small decade ago: it is our calendar, our computer, our photo album, our alarm clock and even our wallet. So why should we protect it less than if we would protect our money and our house? This is not only restricted to our private life, the use of smartphones in business increased significantly since messaging apps

Messaging apps are the most used than any other smartphone apps across most Asian countries, with Indonesia, India and Singapore taking the lead, according to a latest study by market tracker and researcher GfK by The Economic Times.

As written in Mobile News,

“(...) with one in every four firms attacked in the past four years, security has never been so vital. The need to protect your devices from the threats of cyber crime has never been greater. According to a recent report, one in every four businesses have been attacked in the past four years, including major organisations such as Vodafone, TalkTalk and Carphone Warehouse.”

Let us take care of it

At Eko, we combine the power of a collaborate business app integrated within highest security standards. Unlike ordinary messaging apps, Eko offers the possibility to easily connect, share and announce in order to accelerate our clients’ workflow. Other features focus on employee motivation through a commendation tool and you don’t have to worry about data security

Within business communication, security should have top priority. If you like numbers, these will show you the tremendous effect a mobile security system can have:

A set of processes, features and architecture components work together to provide our clients with a military-grade secured service. We offer dedicated private servers hosted on AWS cloud. Our customers have the full control and access of all infrastructural components. Optionally, the web application will be protected by a firewall and an intrusion detection as well as prevention system.

As exclusive feature for Executives of top companies we offer access to Executive Chat. More than a secure messaging app, we offer a highly secure mobile communications platform built especially top management.  If you want to know more how we can support how working safe, contact us today!